Yoga: Summer 2019

Register at the Information Desk

No previous experience necessary!
Please wear loose or comfortable clothing, and bring a towel or Yoga mat and a pillow to sit on.
For additional information, call 845-628-2009, ext 100.

Evening Yoga

Wednesdays, July 10th – August 28th
7:00 PM-8:15 PM
$55 per person; 8 weeks. Registration with class fee required.

This yoga class has been designed so that anyone can learn to safely practice and reap the benefits of one of the most profound healing systems. Learn to stretch without pain, maintain proper alignment, re-establish a fuller range of motion, strengthen fragile joints and muscles, reduce stress, and cultivate a peaceful mind.

Summer Saturdays

Saturdays, July 6th – August 24th
10:00 AM-11:30 AM
$55 per person; 8 weeks.
Registration with class fee required.

Come to relax and breathe deeply. With each stretch, the body responds, releasing tension. As the mind centers, find inner peace through movement and brief meditation.
This class uses chairs and blocks to support movement and balance, and provide stability. Individualized attention to alignment guides your practice, every step of the way.

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