Board of Trustees


President – Joseph Tock
Vice-President – Elizabeth Costello
Financial Director – Scott Weiss
Secretary – Joseph Montuori

Stephen Baranowski
John Battista
Eugene Boesch
Frank Del Campo

Committee chairs:
Advancement and Public Relations: John Battista
Board Development and Nominating: Eugene Boesch
By-laws and Policy: Elizabeth Costello
Finance: Scott Weiss
Personnel: Frank Del Campo
Long-range Planning: Eugene Boesch
Building and Contracts: John Battista


Lisa Orro

Trustee Handbook

Long Range Plan

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held in the Library Conference Room at 6:30 pm.

August 21
September 18
October 23
November 20
December 18

January 22
February 26
March 18
April 22
May 27
June 8 – Annual meeting @ 7:00 pm
June 9 – Budget Vote & Trustee Elections conducted by absentee ballot in conjunction with  the Mahopac Central School District Budget Vote.
June 24
July 8 – re-organization meeting