Mission, Vision & Values Statement


Mahopac Public Library will inspire creativity, encourage lifelong learning, and strengthen our community by providing access to information, education, culture, and recreation.


Our community is the heart of our Library. Therefore we strive to be a library that is integral to the lives of all residents, and responsive to the community’s changing needs through excellence in collections, programs, and services.


Our professional service demonstrates the core values of the American Library Association and the Library Bill of Rights, as well as the following organizational values:

We believe that Mahopac Public Library is central to the intellectual and creative lives of the people we serve. We are committed to the following values:

  1. Access – to facilitate equal and equitable access to information resources provided directly or indirectly by the Library;
  2. Professionalism and service to the community – to offer training and staff development opportunities that encourage personal growth and excellence in service to all patrons and visitors to the Library;
  3. Diversity and inclusiveness – to provide services, collection items, resources, technologies, and facility modifications that serve the diverse needs and requirements of all of our users;
  4. Social responsibility – to educate community members of all ages, to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information, and to encourage innovative solutions to social and community issues;
  5. Collaboration – to cultivate relationships with local organizations and businesses in order to actively participate in the growth and development of our community;
  6. Confidentiality – to protect user privacy while respecting individual rights and responsibilities.


Policy Adopted: January 24, 2018