Mission, Vision & Values Statement


Mahopac Public Library will enrich the lives of all residents of its community by providing ease of access to cultural, informational, and recreational resources.


Mahopac Public Library, as the Heart of the Community, will set the standard of excellence for Library service in Putnam County that combines 21st century technology with a neighborhood touch.


Mahopac Public Library values:

  • its patrons and is responsive to the community’s present and future needs.
  • excellence in service, providing a well-trained staff that serves its patrons in a helpful and friendly way and in a manner that respects their privacy and rights.
  • intellectual freedom and encourages the free exchange of information of all kinds.
  • access to a variety of resources in a variety of formats.
  • lifelong learning, offering a broad range of programs and services for people of all ages.
  • collaboration, working with other organizations in order to expand programs and services or to add new ones.
  • being a welcoming, comfortable place, an intellectual, social, and cultural center.

Policy Adopted: April 23, 2003
Revised: February 28, 2007