Library Records are Confidential

Pursuant to New York State Civil  Practices Law and Rules Article 45 §4509, all Library records that identify types of materials used by or personal information about individuals are confidential in nature.

MPL protects your privacy

If you would like to allow other individuals or family members to:

  • access to information on materials borrowed or on reserve
  • pick up and check out material on reserve

Please sign a waiver allowing us to share that information.

Children’s Records

Children have the same right to privacy and confidentiality of library records as adults. Legally, library staff can only tell a parent or guardian the number of books their child aged 12—17 has checked out, not specific titles. Still the parent is financially responsible for the materials their minor child borrows.

How can you manage your child’s library account?

Your child may sign a waiver form to allow parents/guardians to have access to his or her library records.


  • Your child can create an online account which can be checked at home.
  • Ask your child to obtain a printout of checked out materials she or he borrows.
  • You can sign up for Library Elf, a service provided by the Mid-Hudson Library System that allows you to keep track of multiple library cards on one account.

See the Patron Privacy Policy section of Mahopac Public Library’s Policies for more information regarding patron confidentiality and the handling of patron records.