The Original Animal Whisperer: Francis of Assisi

The Original Animal Whisperer: Francis of Assisi

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Presenter Dr. Michael Norris
Virtual – no room needed

Register ButtonThrough art, especially medieval art, this talk will sketch out the life of Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone of Assisi (1181/2–1226), nicknamed Francis, whose followers are still among us today. A major focus will be his connection to nature, especially animals. As Francis’ friend St. Bonaventure wrote of him, “With a feeling of unusual love, he tasted that fountain of all goodness in all creatures, as in so many rivulets.” In fact, the Catholic Church has declared him the patron saint of ecology, and on his feast day, October 4th, many Christian churches invite pets to their services to receive his blessing.

This event is held via Zoom; registration with a valid email address is required.

Funding for this event is provided by the Sylvia B. Henschel Trust, a bequest to Mahopac Public Library.

Images licensed under Pixabay License/cropped from original