The Muscular System: Identifying and Correcting the Dosha Imbalance

the muscular system identifying and correcting the Dosha imbalance

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Presented by Dr. Somesh Kaushik
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Register ButtonThe muscular system aids in movement, blood flow, and other bodily functions. The muscular system is made of three different types of muscles. (1) Skeletal muscles that are connected to bone and aid involuntary movement. (2) Smooth muscles that are found inside organs and help to move substances through organs. (3) Cardiac muscles that are found in the heart and help pump blood.

Muscle disorders include a large group of conditions that fall under the umbrella terms of muscular dystrophy (a genetic disorder), neuromuscular conditions, and neuromuscular disorders. These conditions can affect skeletal muscles (and may overlap with skeletal issues), organs such as the heart and lungs (and may overlap with cardiovascular or respiratory issues), as well as muscles in the arms and legs. These disorders may cause weakness, loss of motor function (cerebral palsy), or paralysis even in the presence of an intact nervous system.

Ayurveda identifies the particular dosha imbalance and corrects it with treatment and remedies.

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