The Liberty Bell: Its Long Journey to Becoming an American Icon


Presented by Jon Fiorella
Community Room, 3rd floor

The Liberty Bell is regarded as a universal symbol of freedom; its inscription reads: “PROCLAIM LIBERTY THROUGHOUT ALL THE LAND TO ALL THE INHABITANTS THEREOF.”

Gary B. Nash, a Liberty Bell researcher, tells us that “It began inconspicuously; it nearly ended up in the scrap heap; it cracked and lost its voice; it was all but forgotten. But gradually it became a priceless national treasure.”

Jon Fiorella will explore the history of the Liberty Bell and show how it came to represent the values that Americans hold to be most dear- independence, freedom, unalienable rights and equality. His story will show how Americans have adopted it, along with the flag, as the symbol of justice, the rule of law and the guardian of sovereign rights.