The Immune System – an Ayurvedic talk

The Immune System An Ayurvedic talk

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Presenter: Dr. Somesh Kaushik
This event is part of a series of twelve talks hosted by the Putnam County libraries.
This event is happening virtually through Zoom.

Register ButtonOur immune system is made up of both individual cells and proteins as well as entire organs and organ systems. The organs of the immune system include the skin and mucous membranes, and the lymphatic system. Your skin and mucous membranes act as a physical barrier and are the first line of defense against pathogens entering from outside the body.

Temporary (acute) immune deficiency can be caused by a variety of sources that weaken the immune system. Common infections, including influenza and mononucleosis, can suppress the immune system. Autoimmune disorders (lupus and RA) and sepsis are two serious (chronic) immune dysfunctions.

Ayurveda identifies the importance of the connectivity of the immune system to the other body systems and emphasizes how this is critical to the health of the whole body.

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