Teen’s Spooky Library Escape

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For Grades 6-12
Community Room, 3rd Floor

You have suddenly woken up, alone in the darkened library. What happened?…

To your dismay, the library is closed and you found yourself locked in for the night.

Then, you remember, this is the library that was haunted by a teen who had accidentally passed away when a bookshelf collapsed on her. The ghost, Lonely Lesley, is said to be wandering the stacks, looking for her friends who didn’t help her. You don’t know when she’ll come, or if she is nice or evil. Do you really want to find out? No!

You and your team will have 1 hour to solve a series of riddles, decipher the clues and escape the library before Lonely Lesley gets you.


Wear your Halloween Costume.

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