Putnam Performs: Virtual Teen Talent Competition

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Acts can be 1-2 minutes long. The community will vote on the top videos of that week. The acts moving on to the next round will be announced at the end of that week. There will be 4 rounds that you could possibly compete in, from July 6-August 17.
Email your video to benkler@mahopaclibrary.org


First Prize is $300, 2nd prize is $200, 3rd prize is $100.

Register ButtonFilm yourself doing one of your special talents (singing, acting/storytelling, dancing, gymnastics, magic, slam poetry, stand up comedy, visual art, spoken word, making/creating something, yoga poses, tiktok dances, tricks, etc).

The sky is the limit! Nothing is off limits! Must be school appropriate

If you are one of the acts voted through to the next round, you have 5 days to submit your new video.

  • Round 1 – Videos due June 30 -Start voting July 5 – winners announced July 9
  • Round 2 – Videos due July 14 – Start voting July 19 – winners announced July 23
  • Round 3 – Videos due July 28 – Start voting August 2 – winners announced Aug 6
  • Round 4 – Videos due August 11 – Start voting August 16 – winners announced August 18

Live Finale on August 18!

Registration is required.
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