Pre-Historic Cave Drawings by Middle School Students

Cave Art Painting by Mikey Duran

January 2017

In the Young Arts Gallery

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Featured students: Maddie Levinson, Annie Caraher, Katie Watts, Alanis Vu, Shannon McGuire, Sydney Leary, Raven Barksdale, Tyler Schwarze, Mikey Duran, Morgan Swoap, Nola Roberts, and Ryan Capellini

Sixth grade students from Mrs. Lyons’ Mahopac Middle School art classes explored the ancient French caves of Lascaux and Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc to gain inspiration for their Pre-Historic Cave drawings that are currently on display in the Young Arts Gallery at Mahopac Public Library.

The sixth graders watched online videos of the subterranean caves, and looked at photographs of original Pre-historic artwork from caves dating back some 9,000-37,000 years.  Mrs. Lyons also provided information about the methods that enabled ancient civilizations to paint with such intricate detail so long ago.

The students created their original artworks using pencil, oil pastels, Crayola markers, T-squares, and rulers. Each drawing features a mammoth-like horned creature as well as the outline of a hand representing the “signature” of the artist. A Native American pattern was added to produce a border around the outer edge of their cave drawings.

Image: Pre-historic art drawing by Mikey Duran.