Native Bees: The Unstung Heroes

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Presenter: Timothy J. Stanley>/strong>
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Join us as we explore New York’s native flowers and their preferred pollinators.

This program will unveil the region’s diversity of native bees and their unique relationships with native plants, from the earliest spring ephemerals to the last fall blossoms. Over evolutionary time, flowers have devised various strategies to attract attention and ensure pollination.

One of the most effective ways to help pollinators is to plant a wide selection of insecticide free plants that bloom from early spring to late fall. Audiences will leave informed, delighted, and prepared to take action on their behalf of our native pollinators.

The founder of Native Beeology, Timothy J. Stanley is the Assistant Director at the Fresh Air Fund’s Sharpe Reservation. past President of New York State Outdoor Education Association (NYSOEA) and currently serves as the President of the Stony Kill Foundation. He is an avid photographer, and a lifelong student and teacher of the outdoors.

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