Multi-organ Inflammatory Disease: A Modern Dilemma

Multi-organ Inflammatory Disease_ A Modern Dilemma

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Presenter: Dr. Somesh Kaushik
Monthly series discussing topics in Ayurvedic medicine.
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Shortly after Covid-19 arrived on the world scene, a mysterious array of symptoms began appearing in children. At first these symptoms were similar to those of other childhood ailments, but soon the severity increased to reveal life-threatening inflammation (lungs, kidney, heart, brain, skin, GI tract) requiring hospitalization. These symptoms also appeared in adults following exposure to Covid, and a link was hypothesized. As yet, the cause of Multi-Inflammatory Syndrome in Children and Adults (MIS-C/MIS-A) is not known.

Come and discover:

  • The most recent findings about MIS-C/MIS-A and the conventional approach
  • Why this syndrome may be more prevalent in certain populations
  • How Ayurveda’s holistic approach uncovers root causes
  • The Ayurvedic philosophy regarding symptoms and treatment
  • The connection between diet, toxins, GI tract, blood flow, and inflammation