Maria Kaprielian: Recent Watercolors

Watercolor paintings by Maria Kaprielian: Malayan Tapir and Black Rhino

March 2017

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Artist: Maria Kaprielian
In the Third Floor Gallery
On display March 2-30, 2017

“I’ve always been intensely curious about the natural world and my drawing and painting, even from a very young age, has reflected this interest. My animal portraits are influenced by my academic study of anatomy, physiology and behavior as well as my delight in their unique personalities.  My current work involves endangered animals and I’ve chosen to place a cropped head-shot of these creatures against a stark white background. Can these animals survive in this environment (as they are currently trying to survive in the natural world) or have they been deprived of their “air” and “space” in my compositions? I’ll let you be the judge.”

Images: Malayan Tapir and Black Rhino, watercolors by Maria Kaprielian.