Lakeview Students Study Degas’ Dancers

Two student paintings: Dancer by Peter Moissiadis and Dancer by Priscilla Gibbons

March 2017

In the Young Arts Gallery

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A Moment in Time

Artists: students at Lakeview Elementary School
Show prepared by art teacher Laura Davis

The show is inspired by Edgar Degas’ paintings of ballerinas. Lakeview students have illustrated the movement and energy of the ballerina, and the delicacy of each dancer’s costume.  Whether they are pictured doing a pirouette, a jeté, or a plié, the students used colorful materials to produce exuberant and original works based on their study of this master artist. View a selection from this exhibit.

The participating Lakeview students are:

Finn Atkinson

Jake Bally

Wilson Barreto

Savannah Barry

Sean Behrendt

Lyla Bowers

Annalyn Caiola

AJ Canariato

Katie Conelli

Juliana DiChiaro

Priscilla Gibbons

Ashley Golden

Ryan Grabekis

Jack Kadan

Anna Khodeli

Kesaria Khodeli

Dylan Kotash

Chloe Lex

Jack Lieto

James Lieto

Nicholas LuciaMarin Ljumic

Olivia Martinez

Leslee Sandoval Martinez

Shay Massett

Peter Moissiadis

Gwyneth Muller

Kylie Quackenbush

Ashley Pearsall

Diego Portillo

Bryce Richardson

Jair Salamanca

Brianna Savino

James Scarangella

Talia Scerra

Bryce Sornatale

Michael Sullo

Jorge Tejeda

Matthew Torrey

Denylson Tapia Toxqui

Calista Tsantakis

Skylar Vennard

Derek Walls

August Wines

Image: pictures of two student paintings, left to right: Dancer by Peter Moissiadis and Dancer by Priscilla Gibbons.