Holiday Cookie & Recipe Swap

holiday cookie exchange

December 13th at 6:00pm

Registration is required.
Located in the Third Floor Meeting Room

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Did Someone Say… Cookie??

Our Cookie Recipe Swap at Mahopac Library is a delightful event that celebrates the love of baking and brings the community together in a spirit of sweetness and camaraderie. This program invites participants to share their cherished cookie recipes, exchange baking secrets, and savor a variety of delicious homemade cookies.

Participants are encouraged to bring a maximum of 30-40 samples of their cookies, along with printed copies of their favorite cookie recipes to swap with fellow bakers. As a result, attendees leave with a diverse collection of cookie recipes to try at home for the holidays, creating a sense of community and shared culinary experiences, as well as a happy stomach!

We kindly ask that you note all ingredients on your recipe cards in order to be transparent to those who may have dietary restrictions and/or allergies.

We look forward to your yummy treats!