Gentle Yoga

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8 week class | $55 per person
Register at the MPL Information Desk, with payment.

Gentle Yoga is offered for men and women who are interested in:

  • Easy Yoga Stretching
  • Breathing Techniques for Relaxation
  • Guided Meditation Practices for Positive Healing

It is geared towards people who feel that they need adaptive poses based on simple movements that can be done with or without the aid of a chair, depending on the individual’s ability and their past or current injuries or conditions. Inspirational readings and soft music will augment the experience of deep relaxation.

This is an adult class and is open to all ranges of flexibility. Participants should be in stable health.

Bring a yoga mat, a pillow and a small blanket or sheet. Wear loose clothing.

 Registration required.

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Photo by photoenthusiast is licensed under CC0 1.0/cropped from original.