Gathering of the Gamers

Gathering of the Gamers

Every Other Monday beginning October 2nd, 3:30 – 6:00 PM

For teens in grades 6-12
For more info, call the Children’s Room at 845-628-2009 ext. 139
Community Room, 3rd floor

Come one come all to game day here at the library. Whether it is a board or card game like Chess, Scrabble, Phase 10, RISK, Codenames, or a video game like Among Us, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, Smash Brothers, Worms WMD, or whatever you prefer, come and enjoy a gaming experience. Snacks and beverages provided. Have a game idea? Recommend it! Bring it! Surprise us with it! No matter what games are chosen, it can always change or expand based on what you prefer as a group.

The game room will be open from 3:30- 6:00pm, but no one is required to stay the entire time or arrive at the start time. The room and the games are at your disposal within that time period.

Teen Community Service Opportunity

Write a review of the experience, or a specific game, or ideas on how to improve the Gathering of the Gamers Club; each page will count as an hour of Community Service for those who have to meet a school year requirement.

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