Friday Film Night for Adults

May 24th at 6:00 PM

Community Room, 3rd floor

Register ButtonJoin us once a month for a more grown up, sophisticated film selection than the more general super-hero fare eating us all alive this past decade! Or maybe just something wild and fun!

This month’s screening: The Night of the Hunter (1955, 96 minutes, NR/TV-PG)

The only film ever directed by Charles Laughton, The Night of the Hunter is unlike anything that came before it and unlike anything that’s been made since. Playing as a sort of nightmarish bedtime story, it stars Robert Mitchum as a sinister self-styled preacher who marries a young widow and has his fiendish plot to murder her uncovered by her two young children. Taking visual inspiration from silent cinema, this is a film filled to the brim with haunting and beautiful images and an atmosphere like no other. Harshly criticized upon release, the film has been rightly appraised as a one of a kind masterpiece in the decades since.

This is an after-hours program for adults.

Bring your own food and drink (no alcohol) and/or enjoy some of our provided refreshments and snacks.

The library doors lock at 7 PM so we are required to stay on the third floor after closing time. If you need to leave early, approach Ben or Joe and we will escort you downstairs to the exit.

See you at the movies!