Foreign Film Screening: Three Worlds

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Directed by Catherine Corsini
2012 | French & Moldovan with English subtitles | 101 min
Community Room, 3rd Floor

Al is about to marry the boss’s daughter and take over the business. After a night of partying, he commits a hit and run, urged by his friends to flee the scene so as to protect his future. Racked with guilt, he anonymously inquires about the victim at the hospital, yet still cannot bring himself to confess. Unbeknownst to him, he is recognized by Juliette, who witnessed the whole thing and contacted the victim’s wife, Véra, a Moldavian illegal immigrant. Juliette pursues Al and demands him to come forth. However, as they each reveal their own emotional upheavals, the situation proves even more complicated than anyone expected.


MPL’s Foreign Film Series features award winning independent and foreign films made available through Film Movement. Special thanks to Muriel Wine and Debbie Agins for coordinating this series.