Foreign Film Screening: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring

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Directed by Kim Ki-Duk 2007 | Korean with English subtitles | 103 min
Community Room, 3rd Floor

In the midst of the Korean wilderness, a Buddhist master raises a young boy to grow up in wisdom and compassion, through experience and endless exercises. Once the pupil discovers his sexual lust, he seems lost to contemplative life and follows his first love. He fails to adapt to the modern world, is sent to jail for a crime of passion and returns to the master in search of spiritual redemption and reconciliation with karma, at a high price of physical catharsis.

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Image: PANDORA FILM Produktion

MPL’s Foreign Film Series features award winning independent and foreign films made available through Film Movement. Special thanks to Muriel Wine and Debbie Agins for coordinating this series.