Estate Planning with Mark Lange

Estate Planing with Mark Lange

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Presenter: Mark Lange from the Society for Financial Awareness
This program is happening virtually via Zoom

Register ButtonThis is the fourth seminar in the financial awareness series hosted by Putnam County libraries.

Estate Planning: what is it, and who needs it? Discover how to create an effective estate plan:

  • Why do I need a Will
  • Trust, POA, Health Care Directive
  • Forms of Ownership
  • Probate-What it is and why
  • Avoiding Probate-The advantages, are they right for you
  • Marital Deduction and Unified Credit, are they still important
  • Basis, what is it and why is it important
  • Taxes-Income Tax, Gift Tax, Estate Tax, GST Tax
  • Why all these issues come into play when you’re putting together a comprehensive plan

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