Christmas in the Colonies

Christmas in the Colonies

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Presented by Velya Janez-Urban and Ehris Urban: The Grounded Goodwife.
This event is held on Zoom; registration with a valid email address is required.

Register ButtonJoin Velya and Ehris as they share these seasonal activities:

  • a DIY Apple Cinnamon Sugar Scrub
  • apple peel throwing (to determine your spouse)
  • apple see prophecies
  • a group wassail carol

Christmas in the New England colonies was, for the most part, just another day. Puritans and Protestants detested the entire celebration, and likened it to “pagan rituals”. But some colonists enjoyed an array of festivities such as singing carols, decorating their homes, and hosting feasts.

Special thanks to the Friends of Mahopac Library for their sponsorship of this event.

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