Ayurveda and Autoimmunity: Treating the Root Cause

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Presenter: Dr. Somesh Kaushik
Monthly series discussing topics in Ayurvedic medicine.
This series is brought to you by the New York Putnam County libraries.

Register ButtonAyurveda considers the root cause of autoimmunity to be improper metabolism which may be triggered by poor diet, digestion, and circulation. Poor diet and weak digestion cause a buildup of toxins that if not properly eliminated, due to poor circulation, create a vicious cycle of inflammation and pain. Ayurveda has natural solutions that reduce painful symptoms and, in many cases, can reverse autoimmune conditions.

Come and discover:

  • The exact way poor digestion affects all forms of autoimmunity
  • Foods that help digestion, reduce inflammation, and foods to avoid
  • The role stress, anxiety, and fatigue play in creating inflammation
  • Herbs, oils, and exercises that aid digestion, reduce stress, and ease pain
  • Safe and gentle detoxing methods that reduce and relieve symptoms
  • Easy home remedies that supplement a formal plan of action
  • How an “attitude of gratitude” can be key to heart & body health

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