Anxiety and Depression: Cultivating a Chemistry of Joy

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Presenter: Dr. Somesh Kaushik
Monthly series discussing topics in Ayurvedic medicine.
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Register ButtonIn Ayurveda, balancing the three body types – pitta, vata, kapha – results in an outlook on life in which one feels in harmony with the universe. Imbalance allows disharmony to take hold and feelings of depression, anxiety, fear, and despair can result. These feelings and emotions resulting from the imbalance can, in turn, affect the chemistry of the body and create a vicious cycle of physical, mental, and emotional pain. Ayurveda has natural methods to restore the balance of body, mind, and spirit, and stop the painful cycle.

Come and discover:

  • Which body types are prone to depression, anxiety, anger
  • The link between toxins, diet, lifestyle, and depression/anxiety
  • How supplements can work with – or against – your body type
  • Foods that can affect – and change – your brain chemistry