Ordering & Check Request Procedures

Check Requests

For purchases and vendors

Use the Vendor Check Request Form to request a check to pay someone other than yourself, i.e.: a vendor, programmer, service provider, etc.

Attach supporting materials and submit to the business office to have a check cut and approved by the board. Supporting material must include:

  • An invoice for the correct amount.
  • If tangible goods were received a packing slip with appropriate signatures documenting that the goods were received.
  • For new vendors only – a W-9. For accounting purposes, the name on the W-9 is the name that must appear on the check.

For staff reimbursement

Use Staff Expense Claim Form request reimbursement for your expenses. See the employee handbook for information on eligible expenses.

Check Request Cutoff Dates

If you need a check for any reason, sufficient time is needed to process requests. Use the chart below to see the cutoff dates for each board meeting.

Board MeetingSubmit Request By
August 25August 19
September 22September 16
October 27October 21
November 17November 11
December 23December 16
January 26January 20
February 23February 17
March 23March 17
April 27April 21
May 25May 19

Purchasing Procedures

To submit purchases for payment you must have:

  • An invoice. The invoice must be approved by the person who ordered the item or service
    • if your vendor can’t issue an invoice use this template to create one.
  • A packing slip if tangible items were shipped and received. The packing slip must contain a detailed description of the item received and it must be signed off on by someone other than the original person who ordered the item or service.
    • use this form if the vendor doesn’t include packing slips or it is missing information

Procedures for staff placing orders

Example PO Number

The purchaser is responsible for tracking orders, approving invoices, and submitting invoices and supporting documentation to the business office for payment.

Whenever possible use a PO option to purchase items. The PO # you assign an order is generated by the following and in this order:

Submitting Invoices for Payment

When an invoice for the items or services you ordered is available you need to confirm you have been charged for the correct items or services and for the correct amount by signing off on the invoice.

Attach supporting documentation and submit to the business office for payment. Supporting documentation must include:

  • packing slips signed by Tech Services staff that confirm receipt
  • W-9 form (if a new vendor)
  • an invoice

Procedures for staff receiving materials

For accounting purposes signatures of receipt must come from someone OTHER than the purchaser.

Designated Distribution/Tech staff is to sign off on any enclosed packing slips that the items were received and the date that they were received. If a shipment does not have packing slips enclosed use this form to document the received items.

Provide the packing slips to the original purchaser (the purchaser is responsible for assembling the packing slips with received signatures with the invoice and submitting to the business office for payment).

If a shipment comes with an invoice included, deliver the invoice and the signed off received packing slips to the original purchaser. If multiple purchasers are on an invoice, make a copy of the invoice for each purchaser.

GL Codes

General Ledger Codes (a/k/a GL Codes) are a special number that indicates what budget line your purchase is being applied towards. The chart below lists the most common spending areas and their GL Codes. If you are unsure about what code to use, please ask. See this section if you are using Friends Money.

Purchases using Friends Money

Special coding needs to be applied if you are using FoMPL money.

For Friends Enhancement Purchases

Add the number 8860 to the GL Code for the appropriate collection area. For example:
8860-8200 would be Friends Enhancement for YA Fiction material.

Coding for Friends Wishlist Items

Wishlist AreaUse this code
Adult Programs6680FAP
Staff Recognition6680FSR
Teen Outreach6680FTO
Battle of the Books6680FBB
Halloween Performer Events6680FHP
Author Events6680FAE
Adult Summer Reading6680FASR
Adult Winter Reading6680FAWR
Children Summer Reading6680FCSR
Teen Summer Reading6680FTSR
Museum Passes6680FMP