Capital Project & Bond Referendum Information

The Project

Upgrade the heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) systems and enhance air sealing and insulation to improve the building’s energy efficiency.

The Library’s Annual Meeting, Election on Trustees and Budget Vote will be held on Tuesday, June 7, from 7:00 am – 9:00 pm.  The following proposition will be included on the ballot:

Bond Proposition

(a) That the Board of Trustees of the Mahopac Public Library, Mahopac, New York (the “Library”), is hereby authorized to reconstruct, rehabilitate and construct other improvements to the Mahopac Public Library, as substantially described in a plan prepared by the Library with the assistance of Tetra-Tech, and to expend therefor an amount not to exceed $3,154,283; (b) that a tax is hereby voted in the amount of not to exceed $3,154,283 to pay said cost, such tax to be levied and collected in installments in such years and in such amounts as shall be determined by the Mahopac Central School District Board of Education; and (c) that in anticipation of such tax, the Board of Education of the School District is hereby authorized to issue bonds of the School District in an amount not to exceed $3,154,283, and a tax is hereby authorized to pay the principal of and interest on such bonds.

Answering Your Questions About the Bond

What is the bond for?

This $3.2 million bond is a loan to fund a significant project to preserve our library building. Specifically, after years of investigation and studies, the Board has determined that major improvements to the building’s energy efficiency are possible through enhancements in air sealing and insulation, as well as upgrades to the heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Why weren’t these issues addressed years ago?
The current Library Board of Trustees has been cautious in spending public funds and diligent in thoroughly investigating the building’s condition. Extensive testing was performed by trusted engineers and architects with the expertise to determine what is essential to maintain and preserve our community’s investment in the Library.

What will be the tax consequence for homeowners? Are you seeking other sources of funding for this project?
There will be no increase in the tax rate due to the bond. That’s because we fully paid off the original construction bond last year. Yes, we are actively seeking other local, state, and federal funding.

Why do you need to bond now? The building is not that old.
The building is actually 19 years old. Frozen bursting pipes, unnecessarily higher energy and insurance bills can be resolved through better insulation and sealing. The proposed Scope of Work is designed to create a more efficient, sustainable, and protected building.

How did you choose the architect and Construction Manager for this project?
Tetra Tech and The Palombo Group have done extensive work in our community, including the Mahopac Central School District which highly recommended both. What’s more, both firms were involved in some of the early and extensive investigations, which enabled Library Administration and the Board of Trustees to make informed decisions about the project.

Will the building be closed during the capital project?
Portions of the building may be closed to the public during construction for safety and health reasons. We will make every attempt to prioritize work “from the bottom up” to maintain maximum accessibility. To the extent that it is possible, we’ll start with work on the ground floor and work our way up.

Can you describe the ways the Library serves our community?
We invite you to stop in to see how many people use the library every day. Early literacy programs, technology assistance, educational and cultural programs, book groups, teen activities, and space for quiet study are just some of the ways the Library serves our patrons of all ages and abilities. Mahopac Public Library is also a designated community emergency center for warming, cooling, wireless access, and more during power outages and natural disasters.

Plus, the Library houses the Book Barn, the only gently-used bookstore in the area.

How will I pick up my requested items if the building is closed?
Good question! We’re working on solutions, and will deploy them as construction plans are developed. Possibilities include curbside or offsite pickup and dropoff, and home delivery.

Can we see the plans for this capital project? Will you be hosting public information sessions, either virtually or onsite?
Yes, we will host several information sessions and provide a recorded session online. Check this page for updates on session dates and registration information. We will post a recorded session on this page once it is available.

How will you measure the results of this project?
We have contracted with The Palombo Group to hire contractors and oversee the work to completion. The Palombo Group’s on-site staff will report to the Library Director, and the Board will be reviewing biweekly reports to ensure that the work is performed according to contract and as scheduled. Pre-construction tests — such as infrared photography and blower door tests — will be repeated to measure the effectiveness of the work performed. We expect future costs to decrease, such as natural gas, electricity, and property insurance.

Who can I speak to if I have more questions about the bond?
Call or write to our Board-appointed Director and CEO, Michele Capozzella:
845-628-2009, ext. 107.

Learn more about this project

Watch this video to meet our architect and project construction manger.

Watch an Informational Session

An informational session including a Q&A with the architect and construction managers about the project took place on Wednesday, May 4, 2022 at 2:00 pm. Watch the recording of the event below to learn more about the project.

Resources for a Deeper Dive

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