Capital Project Information

Final Update 3/7/23:

  • The exterior-facing columns on the first, second and third floors have been insulated with spray foam.
  • The soffits have been insulated.
  • A catch basin has been installed in front of the library.
  • The pavement in front of the main entrance has been regraded and a trench drain installed.
  • New stairs, railings and bollards at the entrance have been installed.
  • The anti-walking blocks and gaskets have been replaced on the windows.
  • Areas on the building where the brick has deteriorated have been caulked and re-pointed.
  • Metal coping was added to the wall on the terrace.
  • Heat tracing has been installed in the gutters.
  • Weeps were replaced and additional weeps were added to the brick facing.
  • The concrete pad for the dumpsters at the back of the building has been enlarged.
  • The HVAC system has been evaluated and will be upgraded and balanced.
  • New panic door hardware has been ordered.
  • The casement windows will be replaced in the spring due to a long lead time for the materials.
  • The temporary striping at the handicapped spots will be replaced with permanent striping when the weather becomes warmer.

Update 12/29/22:

  • The project is nearing completion and the Library will re-open to the public on Monday, January 23, 2023 at 9:30 am.
  • Our temporary location at 906 Route six will remain open until January 13, 2023.
  • Both locations will be closed from January 14-20.  During this time, staff will be moving items from the temporary location at 906 Route 6 back to the library and preparing the library for re-opening.
  • The book drops at both locations will be unavailable from January 14 – January 16.  Please hold onto your items until January 17 when the book drops at Mahopac Library (668 Route 6) will be open for returns.
  • The work on the Third Floor has begun and the insulation of the columns will begin next week.
  • The project is on budget.

Update 12/5/22:

  • The project is on budget and back on schedule.
  • The walls on the first floor have been closed up and prepped, and painting has begun.
  • Allen, the onsite Construction Manager from the Palombo Group, has been walking around with an infrared gun taking temperatures, and there is a definite improvement in the consistency of heating/cooling.
  • The construction crew has moved to the second floor to start building partitions around the areas they will be insulating.
  • The insulation of the soffits is 3/4 done – just need to complete the lake side of the building.
  • Because the construction crew did not need to replace as much sub-base in the front of the building as originally planned for, there has been a savings of almost $10,000.
  • The “beauty caps” have been removed from the windows in preparation for new anti-walk blocks to be installed.
  • Caulking of the building exterior has begun and repointing will begin shortly.

Update 11/9/22:

Throughout the end of September and October, the construction team has added temporary walls to the first floor surrounding areas where drywall will be removed in preparation for insulation. The collection shelves have been wrapped to prevent items from becoming dusty or damaged. On the outside of the building, areas of the parking lot have been removed so that drainage can be installed and then regraded to avoid pooling of water during periods of heavy rain. The exposed portion of the soffits surrounding the top of the building have been removed to prepare them for additional insulation.

Safety precautions remain in place including metal fencing surrounding the building, construction zone signage, inspection of lifts, and hard hat requirements for all vendors. The Construction Manager from the Palombo Group has been onsite every day to oversee the work. Members of the Board of Trustees have participated in site visits and construction meetings to monitor the progress of the project.

Update 9/9/22:

Last night the Board of Trustees held a special meeting to approve a contractor to undertake the general construction work related to the capital project.

Luis Rodriguez of The Palombo Group was in attendance to speak about the qualifications meetings with representatives from the two lowest bidders, O’Connor Company of North Carolina, Inc. at $984,900 and Grace Construction and Development at $1,486,000. During the meeting with O’Connor, discrepancies were discovered which necessitated the withdrawal of their bid. Grace was qualified and recommended for approval. The Board of Trustees unanimously voted to accept the bid by Grace Construction and Development of West Haverstraw, New York in the amount of $1,486,000.

The project is expected to begin on Monday, September 19, 2022.

Update 8/30/2022:

Bids for the project were due on August 25, 2022 by 3:00 pm. A public bid opening was held in the Third Floor Meeting Room from 3:00 pm – 3:30 pm. Four (4) bids were submitted; the General Contractor bids ranged from $2,932,109.00 to $984,900.00.

Representatives from Tetra Tech Architects & Engineers and The Palombo Group will be conducting qualifications meetings with the two lowest bidders to ensure that the experience, training, and/or certification requirements or qualifications are being met by the low bidder, their subcontractors, suppliers, or employees in order for them to be considered responsible and thus awarded the project. The low bidder must submit specified documentation after bid opening that is evaluated by Tetra Tech and The Palombo Group to determine if the bidder has met the qualifications.

The bid award will be posted here once the recommendation is accepted by the Board of Trustees, which is anticipated to occur at their September 22, 2022 meeting.

The Project

Upgrade the heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) systems and enhance air sealing and insulation to improve the building’s energy efficiency. For more information, see the SCOPE OF WORK.

The library building, parking lot, and Book Barn will be closed while the site-work and first floor construction is in progress. Check this page and the Library’s social media accounts for the most up-to-date information regarding a phased re-opening of the building.

Who can I speak to if I have more questions about the project?
Call or write to our Board-appointed Director and CEO, Michele Capozzella:
845-628-2009, ext. 107.

Mahopac Library’s renovation project begins!

Find us at our
‘home away from home’
906 Route 6, Mahopac
(former pediatrician’s office)
We’ll be at this location for several months;
look for updates on the Library’s website.

906 Route 6 Hours

Monday-Friday, 9:30 am – 7 pm
Saturday, 9:30 am – 3 pm
Closed Sundays.

What and how

Services available at 906 Route 6:

  • Pick up and place holds
  • Reserve and return books
  • Check out books and e-readers
  • Sign up for all programs
  • Some middle and high school summer reading books will be available for last minute reads!
  • Receive tech help or notary services (by appointment only)
  • Get reading recommendations: give us a call, send a message in chat, or complete a Shelf Service questionnaire

How to contact us:
By phone: 845-628-2009, ext. 100
or use our Chat service

Administrative and reference staff members will remain in the Library during the renovation; you can continue to contact them by email or phone.


Thanks to Mahopac voter approval of the June bond referendum, we are able to begin renovations to create a more comfortable, sustainable building that will serve our community for years to come.

Our goals are:

  • decrease our energy and insurance costs by installing additional insulation to interior walls and exterior soffits
  • make necessary adjustments to the existing HVAC system;
  • regrade and resurface portions of the parking lot;
  • prevent storm water pooling by entryway steps and sidewalk
  • adjust or replace drafty windows on the North side of the building

Closing the Library building and moving to a temporary location will save time and money as the renovation project can proceed without interference or interruption.

We welcome this opportunity to make your library everything that you need to pursue your dreams and achieve your goals. As soon as we can safely open our Library building we will let you know. In the meantime, please visit us at 906 Route 6, or contact us via phone or email.

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